About the authors

Sarah O’Keefe is the chocoholic founder of Scriptorium Publishing, a content strategy consultancy that specializes in technical content. Sarah’s focus is how to use technical content to solve business problems; she is especially interested in how new technologies can streamline publishing workflows to achieve strategic goals.

Sarah speaks fluent German, is a voracious reader, and enjoys swimming, kayaking, and other water sports along with knitting and college basketball. She has strong aversions to raw tomatoes, eggplant, and checked baggage.

You can read more about Sarah in her detailed bio at Scriptorium, or visit the Scriptorium blog, one of the top blogs on content strategy topics.

Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahokeefe.

Alan S. Pringle, fellow chocoholic, is chief operating officer at Scriptorium. He implements new processes for developing and distributing technical content. His responsibilities include content strategy analysis for technical information, automating production and localization tasks (often with XML-based workflows), and managing schedules and budgets for complex consulting projects.

A native North Carolinian, Alan enjoys eating (preferably pastry or chocolate), reading, traveling, and watching vintage bad movies.

More about Alan

Follow Alan on Twitter @alanpringle.