This book builds on the work of industry leaders, especially:

  • Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy by Ann Rockley and Charles Cooper
  • Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson
  • The Content Wrangler web site, Scott Abel

Portions of this book are based on blog posts first published on our web site ( Numerous people provided comments on those posts and on early drafts of this book at, including:

  • Andrea Wenger
  • Axel Regnet
  • Denise Kadilak
  • Erin Vang
  • Frank Buffum
  • Larry Kunz
  • Jennifer O’Neill
  • Kai Weber
  • Marijana Prusina
  • Mark Baker
  • Michael Müller-Hillebrand
  • Nicky Bleiel
  • Pamela Clark
  • Rick Sapir
  • Tamsin Douglas

Special thanks to our early readers, Larry Kunz and Marcia Riefer Johnston, who caught some really embarrassing typos, sloppy arguments, and generally lazy writing. The remaining howlers are of course the authors’ responsibility.

Gretyl Kinsey created most of the graphics. Simon Bate designed the DITA Open Toolkit PDF plugin for this book. Kaitlyn Heath and Alan Pringle developed the companion site. Ryan Fulcher and Holly Mabry developed the first version of the site.

Dick Johnson of VR Communications provided the missing link—an automated way to export the DITA source files over to WordPress. This bit of programmer magic allowed us to post several drafts and reap the benefits of the community’s comments.

The information in “A historical perspective on content” was previously published in several versions:



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