The print edition of this book was produced from DITA sources using the DITA Open Toolkit Release 1.6.1 and the Antenna House Formatter v6.0. Our spdf2 plugin written by Simon Bate is based on the Open Toolkit pdf2 plugin and adds a number of enhancements. These include:

  • Detailed control of common layout elements
  • Treatment of <section> elements as subordinate topics
  • Correct handling of <part> elements in bookmaps and supporting unique images for each part
  • Improved appearance of admonitions (note, caution, warning, and so on)
  • Repeating table titles (with “continued”) on page breaks
  • Improved widow and orphan handling in tables
  • Extensive table customization
  • Options for formatting definition lists (<dl>) as a table or as a list
  • Support for two-column output of simple lists
  • Automatic generation of cover and copyright pages from bookmap metadata



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