Demonstrating value


Showing cost savings is the primary way to get upper management to approve new content workflows (for example, demonstrating a significant reduction in localization expenses). Details about proposed processes and tools are generally a lot less compelling to those higher up on the food chain. When you’re trying to get buy-in from upper management, money—specifically, spending less of it—talks.

However, talk of cost reduction doesn’t warm the hearts of those who develop content. This is particularly true when authors are asked to give up processes they have used for years.

While acknowledging the accomplishments in the old process, an effective manager will show team members how the new process eliminates unpleasant, labor-intensive aspects of the existing process. Explain how the new process enables authors to focus more on developing good content instead of on secondary tasks (such as formatting). For most content creators, demonstrating how the team’s work experience improves is more important than showing improvements in the bottom line.



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