Building the content creation system


Rely on your implementation goals as a guide when you evaluate and select the tools for creating content.

During the evaluation process, it is tempting to primarily focus on the content creators’ day-to-day work experience instead of the overall process goals. Successful implementation of the new system, however, depends on close attention to strategy and requirements.1

During your tool selection process, don’t be dazzled to the point of distraction by vendor claims. Ask for evaluation licenses so you can thoroughly vet and test the tool. Talk to other companies using the tool, and read posts on product forums. You can also enlist the services of an independent consultant to help you pick the tool that best supports your requirements.

The details of implementing your system depend on the toolset you choose. If you select a document processing tool, you purchase the licenses, install the tool (or log in to a cloud-based application), and then set up templates for the process. For a bigger system that involves components such as a content management system, you must also configure the connectors (to a localization system, for example), establish the workflow within the system, configure the review process, and so on.

Note: Early coordination with procurement and IT departments is crucial for smooth(er) implementation of larger systems.


1 From Scriptorium’s The State of Structured Authoring (second edition),


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